Are you looking for a special and unique gift to give your little one?

We have a fun and interactive,The best selling, highest quality personalised albums, that your child will love.

Our music CDs are full-length albums containing 8-12 tracks that have your child's name sung as part of the lyrics. Overall your child will hear his/her name up to 40-50 times throughout the whole CD making it really unique.

These fun, entertaining and educational CDs include songs such as The Counting songs,Be kind to Animals,Happy Birthday, At the Zoo and more. ABC’s, 123’s, the magic words,Please and Thank You and other important things like being nice, sharing or just being a kid.

All of our personalised children's CDs contain a mixture of children's songs and adventures to which your child's name will be added to the lyrics.

All of the songs are appropriate for children of all ages and they also promote learning and good values that we all want to Some of our CDs even feature today’s hottest super heroes, like Spider-Man, Hulk, Wolverine or the Fantastic Four.

Research shows that name recognition plays a major role in a child’s educational development.Music has been proven time and time again to help with the cognitive (mental) development of children. NOW put their name in the song and the effects are a thousand times greater. Start early and introduce your child to their name through fun, engaging and educational songs.

If it's purely music you're after we have lots of personalised music CDs to choose from on our Gift Your Tot website Music CD page,, including our most popular album 'Music for Me', in which your child's name will be sung over 90 times throughout 12 catchy children's songs.

For children that love action and superheroes we have 'Spider-Man and you', and for the animal lovers we have "Animals love me", full of personalised kids songs all about their favourite animals.

These CD’s will hold their attention better than any cartoon you can put them in front of. Every child in our CD’s is the star, they see and hear that they are special, and you will know how much they love it by the smile on their face! Watch as your little child laugh and giggle as they hear their name over and over again.

This is an inexpensive keepsake gift that will last for a long time This fun collection of 8 original songs will entertain your child for hours. These personalised music CD's make great gifts and children love to hear their name being sung in music, it's amazing how personal these song and dance CD's become to a child! Each CD can be personalised to include your child's name and a special message on the cover. This, not only makes a great gift for your child but will also be a treasured memory for parents as well.