In our day to day life we face many occasions that we need to buy a gift to our friends, and family; for different ages, gender, tastes.

And we do not want to buy the same gift,we always want to give a unique gift to make them feel special, that no one has ever given them before.

Due to these reasons most of the times gift shopping is demanding.

But why not consider personalised Gifts?

Who does not like the feeling of having a gift with their name in it or picture on it?

Personalised present is also a great choice for the "person who has everything."

Demand for Personalised gifts has dramatically grown over the past few decades and its becoming more popular day by day.

Today almost everything that can be gifted can be personalised, such as jewellery, toys,CDs,books,clothes,stationeries.

 These are the most commonly used personalised gifts. But lately personalised songs,cartoon animations,Alarm Clocks,  Singing stuffed animals have become really a hit in the market.

Why Personalised Gifts make a great present?


  1. It shows that you have put thought in to buying a gift.

    If you are planing to gift a storybook,if you decide to gift a personalised Storybook, the recipient would be much more delighted to have it, making it really a unique gift.

    And they know for sure you have put thought and care in to your choice.

  2. It shows affection.

    When you receive a personalised gift,it shows that someone has gone out of the way in choosing a gift for you. Getting a custom made gift, rather than buying anything just available, makes you feel really unique, special and loved.


  1. Suitable for any gender and any age.

    No matter how old or young you are, Anyone at any age will enjoy a gift that had been made or created specially for them.


4.Suitable for any occasion.

Whether it could be a birthday celebration, graduation, Christmas, mothers' day , or fathers day, or even for a new born,personalised gifts are a perfect choice.

5.Is a unique gift that no one would ever buy the same.

Sometimes specially during the birthday or Christmas, you end up receiving the same type of gift, Its very unlikely you end up receiving the same personalised gift.

6.Is a memorable gift,that will be treasured for ever.

Keepsake gifts, that have been personalised are treasured forever.Personalised gifts are memorable. For instance, parents will always remember who gave son or daughter a charming personalised storybook, but can't recall who sent the toy that will break or kids will lose interest in no time.



In the future when it comes to gift giving,think about how you can make it personal and relevant to the recipient. May be you are buying a storybook, children's Music CD for your children or friends' children, consider getting a personalised storybook, or Music CD, which will make them feel really special,loved will definitely put a smile on their face.