When you become a parent, aunt, uncle, or grandparent, whether you like it or not, you’ve entered in to a life long bond of gift giving.You will have to buy lots and lots of gifts for birthdays and holidays for your own children and relatives, and their children’s ,classmates. It can get expensive and will never end.

As a Mother I have been constantly searching for a new, unique and special gift ideas for my kids, friends and other kids in our lives. I was always searching across many websites to gain knowledge and understanding about what was the most entertaining, best, and absolute awesome gift or toy for them.But never seem to find a site that has something different to usual toys and gifts, that our kids get bored after few days sometimes after few hours.

It was during this time I started to create ideas on this Personalised Children’s Gifts, when I saw on a web site from USA.I thought I could start an online store, to begin with to help other parents find the same fantastic products that I have been looking for.

The Good new is,If you're looking for amazingly unique and fun personalised children's gifts then look no further. I have started my own Children’s Personalised Gift business and I am based in Malaysia.

I'm sure we all remember that feeling when we were kids of getting something that had our name on it. We loved to and still love to see our name written on a toy or gift that we receive.

Well with Gift Your Tot, we have gifts that not only you can see your child’s name on, but also you actually can listen to their names sung in music albums and see their faces on their favorite animated movies.

At Gift Your Tot personalised products is all we do! You can personalise all of our products and create them just for that special child in your life!Gift Your Tot offers everything from singing alarm clocks, singing teddy bears, personalised music CD's, interactive storybook CD's,Personalised Storybooks and many other wonderful products to make your child feel loved and special.

You will delight in seeing your child's face light up when they hear their name as part of a song or story. Our personalised products will spark your child's imagination, and at the same time help them to learn their ABC's, 123's and other important lessons.

Most importantly our products can help a child build self-esteem and create name recognition as their name is heard many times in every song or within each story. Your child will love you for giving them such an unique gift! All of our products will be keepsakes for years to come.

While most of our products are designed for children, we also have few products that can be customized for adults as well. Such as Movie DVDs, Name Poems and 3D Face in Dolls.

Please come back and visit our site often, you will be amazed at all the new product releases we have scheduled for years to come.